Alimony Pendente Lite (APL) is a legal obligation to pay money to the dependent spouse (husband or wife) as part of an ongoing divorce action to assist in paying legal fees or in substitution for spousal support (see “Support” below). The “dependent spouse” is the spouse who demonstrates or proves that he or she has “depended on the other spouse” for financial support. The payment of Alimony Pendente Lite is to assist the spouse that lacks the independent ability to earn enough money to provide for his or her needs due to having to provide necessary care for young children, a general lack of skills, ill health, disability, or lack training or education. The court attempts to provide this economic assistance to the dependent spouse in order to, as best as possible, maintain the standard of living which he or she had during the marriage as well as to assist in the payment of legal fees, depending on the extent of the other spouse’s income.

A common misconception is that only a wife is entitled to receive Alimony Pendente Lite. The decision to award Alimony Pendente Lite to a spouse is not based on which spouse is the wife or husband. It is based on the financial needs and dependency of a spouse.

As a divorce lawyer, Attorney Ghen has obtained and defended against awards of Alimony Pendente Lite in Berks County, Lebanon County and Montgomery County in Pennsylvania.