Agreements of many forms for many purposes are entered into every day. These written agreements are contracts. By entering a contract you are agreeing to do a certain thing and expect to receive a certain thing in return for your payment or performance. Contracts can be for the purchase of items, agreements on employment or contracting for services.

Once entered, the contract is the only evidence of your agreement with the other party. It is very important that everything you have discussed and agreed upon be properly inserted in the contract. Most contracts and the law prevent the presentation of verbal evidence or other forms of evidence that attempt to modify or contradict the contract. The actual contract document has the greatest significance in the eyes of the court.

Contract law can be very complicated and requiring individuals and businesses to seek the counsel of an attorney to help decipher the language in a contract agreement.

Attorney Ghen advises clients and assists them with the negotiation of contracts and agreements to protect, preserve, and further their interests in Berks County, Pennsylvania.